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At STS Rent a Car, our prime idea is to simplify travel for you and we are here to make it happen 24/7 easy and luxury transport services and affordable services.

Pick the car type that you desire, select to pay the way you want. Our teams are always there to guarantee your ride is flexible, reasonable, and appropriately fits into your everyday life.

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Per day we mean ‘‘10 Hours’’ duty in a day.
We accept cash and bank transfers at the moment.
Yes, the SUVs can be booked for out-city travels with a driver.
Yes we have and we only deal with high-profile /delegation
No, the Luxury cars are only offered with drivers.
STS Rent a Car current fleet offers cars such as Mercedes,BMW and Audi in the Luxury category.
All Standard Sedan Cars come in Automatic/Manual transmission.
STS Rent a Car current fleet offers cars like Toyota Corolla,Honda City,Honda Civic,Honda BRV such as in the budget category
Currently we are offering the following vehicles on Self Drive Suzuki Alto,Toyota Yaris,Toyota Corolla ,Honda BRV ,Honda Civic ,Kia Sportage and etc.
Rental Payment for the car booked on Self Drive needs to be made in advance i.e. at the time the car is handed over to you.
Any person above the age of 21, holding a valid driving license (licence should be atleast one year old) can rent a car. If you are a Pakistani resident, copy of your license along with your CNIC will be required. If you are a tourist, you need to have a valid home country license OR International Driving License and valid Passport with visa stamp.
In case your booking exceeds 10 hours in a day, there is an over time charge of Rs. 250 per hour on budget cars, Rs. 300 per hour on standard vehicles and Rs. 500 per hour on SUVs and Luxury Vehicles. And maximum limit to stay the car after 10 hours is 3 hours.
Yes, the budget cars are offered with and without driver, both. However, the self-drive option is only available for within Karachi at the moment.
Yes, the in-city and out-city rates are different and are available on our website.
The benefits of renting a luxury car with a driver include the convenience and comfort of being chauffeured around without having to worry about driving and parking. It also provides a luxurious and stylish way to travel, especially for special occasions such as weddings or corporate events.